Hello!, I’m Liberty Belle and I focus on chronic pain management and mobility services to help my clients live their best, mobile, pain free lives. Though I’ve studied many modalities as a licensed massage therapist in New Jersey I found my clients getting maximum relief from 3 hour mat based stretching and mobility sessions that were out performing what people consider massage.

This work is so amazing!

I’ve decided to focus on it and I want you to see what real bodywork can be like. Do you ever get a session and wish it was longer? Do you ever wish the therapist could get to those key painful spots but they miss the mark?

That’s why I want you to try a 3 hour mat based session with me. This gives me ample time to address you and your specific needs. You can get a massage anywhere but this work is completely revolutionary for pain relief and mobility. I focus on what works for my clients and if you have a soft tissue related pain issue this is the work that you want.